A Brief History...

Of time? No, but an excellent history of the horror film genre can be found at horrorfilmhistory.com.

From the introduction:

"Horror Films: Why We Like To Watch

Horror is an ancient art form. We have tried to terrify each other with tales which trigger the less logical parts of our imaginations for as long as we've told stories. From the ballads of the ancient world to modern urban myths, audiences willingly offer themselves up to sadistic storytellers to be scared witless, and they are happy to pay for the privilege. Theories abound as to why this is so; do we derive basic thrills from triggering the rush of adrenalin which fear brings, or do horror stories serve a wider moral purpose, reinforcing the rules and taboos of our society and showing the macabre fate of those who transgress?"

From the original Nosferatu, to the latest glut of Japanese remakes, this site covers the entire scope of the genre. Whether your an old fan looking for a quick refresher, or new to the genre and want to see what it was all about before ghosts with long black hair ruled the screens, this is for you.