CAN-CON 2010 - Theme: Steampunk

Not sure how much horror content will be at Can-Con 2010:

"CAN•CON is a celebration of Canada’s numerous and ongoing contributions to the genres of science-fiction, fantasy, alternate histories, utopian and dystopian fiction, and speculative horror."

So far, the schedule and workshops have not been made public, but the theme is intriguing; Steampunk!

Speculative fiction is a hot topic in this day and age there are rapidly shifting choices for consumers and authors. There is an article in the Citizen detailing the event which runs next weekend August 20-22.


Unknown said…
I'm an SF/horror writer in Ottawa and will be on a few panels, waving the horror flag. I also work for ChiZine Publications ( and will be waving their flag as well.

As you state, not sure how much horror content there will be, but I invite the horror community to show up in large numbers and DEMAND there be horror programming next year! I gotta believe if there are people willing to spend money, the con committee has gotta listen.