Ottawa Horror Presents...Human Centipede!

Didn't I tell you we had some exciting news? Would I lie to you?

On Friday September 17th, Ottawa Horror is very please to present the Ottawa Premiere of "Human Centipede" at the Mayfair Theatre.

"Human Centipede" is fast becoming one of the most controversial, talked about, even some say brilliant horror films of this year. The story follows two American tourists whose car breaks down while driving through Europe, and they seek help and refuge at the house of a very reclusive ex-surgeon, who has some "interesting" ideas to try out! You can find the "Caustic Critics" review of the film and an excellent interview with the director at the Rue-Morgue Radio Archives.

Stay tuned, and we'll have details about how you can win tickets to go see the film, and of course, we'll have prizes to be won at the show.


this looks awesome! The idea is very nasty! I'm pleasantly surprised the Mayfair wants to show this one.
Anonymous said…
oh wonderfull, that guy totally looks like my neighbour.
I think i will double lock my doors tonight.