Hallowe'en Ideas

Hey everyone!

We need input on what people want us to do for Hallowe'en. It will not be on the 31st because we want to be with our families or have other things to do, but we can host things that Saturday or anytime before.

The ideas we have so far are: Canmore Orchards, Saunder's Farm, holding a Zombie walk, trying to get a Haunted Walk of Ottawa tour (might be too late to book that), or just having a bash. Please let us know which one you would like to do and when or give us more ideas.



typicallydia said…
if we had some groovy writers on board, we could hold a reading at a nice licensed establishment - short horror and dark poetry with beer!

of course, my vote is for a zombie walk of some sort.
btw its not too late to book tours with Haunted walk. I called the other day for a group I'm in and they seemed to have lots of space for the end of october.

If you guys wanted to salvage the zombie walk i would love you forever!!!