Let Me In

Wow. Just wow. This movie was not what I expected, but this was in a good way. Apparently it was based on an older film that I have not seen, so I don’t know how it compares and will not talk about that. This movie is really a love story, with a vampire – who does not sparkle – and is deeply enthralling. Remember when you first saw My Girl? It was as beautiful and pure a romance as that, but had enough gore and killing to draw in the horror fan. This movie will probably be more appreciated by the females in the audience, but even if you are not a fan of love stories, the soundtrack and cinematography are impressive.

I know I’m jumping around, but I wanted to mention how well the vampirism is woven into the love story. The way the relationship/understanding with the boy (Owen) is shown it is obvious what he must do and how he must go with her. The girl (Abby) knew from the beginning what would happen if she let him into her life. It leaves you to wonder if she was merely manipulating him, but her seeming innocence and her protection of Owen shows that maybe she loves him too. You want it to be true so much, that you ignore the typical cunning and charm of the vampire of legend and see beauty of young love. It is an amazing clash of innocence and understanding that leaves you wondering if a twelve year old vampire has the mind of a child or the wisdom of the ages. Can something so powerful be so fragile?

The story progresses as it should and you know what will happen before it does, but it happens so beautifully that it doesn’t matter. The way the story is written you will feel what Owen does, you will fear for the vampire’s safety and be on her side of the fight for survival. I highly recommend this film to anyone who likes love stories or vampires; there is enough to keep both fans fascinated. I have never seen a film that explores childhood vampirism so well. I have not seen a film with love story that I enjoyed so much in years.


Mike said…
Great film. Make sure to check out the original though, 'Let The Right One In'. It's amazing and even better in my humble opinion.

Great remake though.