Movies - for free!

If you follow tech news, you may already know about this, but YouTube now has full-length movies - for free - on the site.

That's right, streaming "Hollywood" movies are available for streaming on YouTube, and not in 10 minute clips either. And they have a neat selection of some classic "bad" horror films, including the Original "House on Haunted Hill" starring the inimitable Vincent Price, and the classics "Wasp Woman" and "Attach of the Giant Leeches". Speaking of Corman films, there's also the original "Little Shop of Horrors" featuring a very young Jack Nicholson - sadly no "The Terror" though..

You can watch these on your computer right now here:


thanks for sharing! this looks fantastic. Even if some are bad movies its still fun to see stuff you've never even heard of before.
typicallydia said…
darn tootin. like Cadaverella, a bad movie I had never heard of. I would love to see it revisited/remade.

p.s. I have 'The Terror' on VHS if it is ever needed.