My Soul to Take – Review

One of the best slashers I’ve seen in quite a while. While this film is not the most original and the reveal of the killer in the end is slightly disappointing - the film overall left me very happy! The movie is well worth seeing and takes you on a fun ride. There were several good pop scares, some nice kills and good production values. I don’t want to ruin any surprises so I will just say this: if you’re looking for a good slasher - see it and you won’t be disappointed.


Ralph said…
Unfortunately I have to disagree. I found the film predictable and painful to watch. Poorly developed characters coupled by mediocre performances and a laugh worthy ending made it even worse. Coming from Wes Craven, I would have expected far better. I mean c'mon the 3D (what 3D?)was the worst since Clash of the Titans. Any true fan of Craven's earlier works will be disappointed.