What scares you?

It's Halloween, and to quote the Sheriff from the original Halloween, "Everyone's entitled to one good scare". And so in that vein I present a tidbit that scared the bejesus out of me (what does that mean anyway?) when I was a kid. This is Disney's (yup that Disney) "Night on Bald Mountain" from the end of Fantasia. I actually had to hide under the theatre seat when I first saw it at five years old. For years, even hearing the music would give me the shivers.

So how about it? What scared you as a child? What scares you now?


typicallydia said…
Zelda from Stepehen King's Pet Semetery used to scare me. Illness, age, hospitals - but as I have aged, I have grown very (almost too) comfortable with those things.

What an amazing question! It took me over an hour to come up with a half-assed answer!

I am terrified of having ligaments or tendons severed in my legs. So, homicidal manics be aware - not the legs, please!
Sonsey said…
That was on TV last nite! I still wince at the scene where Gage cuts the old guys tendon! :)
StichedDoll said…
"I still wince at the scene where Gage cuts the old guys tendon!" ewww me too!!! When i was a kid i had a an operation and they had to cut and stitch up my left tendon area and it used to gross the littel kids in my class! lots of gross fun :P