Best Worst Movie EVER...

The good folks down at the Mayfair have once again got a special treat in store for you! This Friday, Nov 12th at 9:30pm, they're having a special double feature showing of "Best Worst Movie" and "Troll2". What's special about it you may ask? Well star George Hardy himself will be in attendance! That's right, the star of both films will be at the Mayfair...

Now for those unfortunates who aren't in "the know", Troll 2 is almost universally considered to be the "Best Worst Movie" ever made. The movie is literally so bad it's funny, and has been a cult hit at repertory theatres and cons for years now. "Best Worst Movie" is the story of how this film went from flop to cult hit.  From their website:

"In 1989, a group of unknown Utah actors starred in what would be crowned the worst movie of all time: TROLL 2. After two decades of running from this cinematic disaster, the cast can no longer hide from the legion of followers that celebrate them for their ineptitude.

BEST WORST MOVIE, directed by TROLL 2′s once-disgraced child star, Michael Paul Stephenson, unravels the stories of these unforgettable real-life characters and the colorful army of devotees who continue to revel in the film’s perfectly flawed brilliance.

At the center of this celebrated documentary is the improbable story of a small-town Alabama dentist-turned-cult-movie-icon, and an Italian filmmaker who comes to terms (or doesn’t) with his internationally revered cinematic failure.

BEST WORST MOVIE is an affectionate and intoxicatingly fun tribute to the single greatest bad movie ever made and the people responsible for unleashing it on the world. The result is a hilarious and tender offbeat journey that pays homage to lovers of bad movies and the people who make them, while investigating a deeper story about the strange nature of celebrity, the catharsis of redemption and the humanity that exists in making even the worst movie ever made."

Enjoy the trailers for both "Best Worst Movie" and Troll2... and see you at the Mayfair!