R.I.P. Leslie Nielsen

It's not 100% confirmed yet, but the web is abuzz with the news that Leslie Neilsen has died at 84 from complications from pneumonia. While he was known more for his comedic roles (Police Squad, Scary Movie, etc), earlier in his career he was known as a leading man, and did his fair share of Scary movies and TV shows (Alfred Hitchcock Presents among them), along with some classic Sci-Fi (Forbidden Planet anyone?). But his place in Horror Lore was cemented in 1980, when he played opposite Scream Queen Jamie Lee Curtis in the original Prom Night.

But for me, he'll always be remembered as the guy who drowns Ted Danson in Creepshow and then gets his comeuppance. That segment scared the $@#* outta me when I was a teenager! So R.I.P. Mr. Neilsen... thanks for everything!