Watchin' Movies...

Do you like horror movies? Of course you do... that's why you're reading this blog.  Do you like the internet? Of course you do... that's why you're reading this blog. Wanna put them together? Of course you do! So without further ado, some great legal spots to watch horror films on the net...


YouTube, the grand daddy of video sites, has some excellent old films in their complete form here.  As far as Horror goes, you won't find the latest releases, but you will find a great selection of classic B-Movies, along with some not so classic ones. Video quality is well, YouTube, but best of all... it's 100% free!

Crackle is relatively new site (formerly Grouper) run by Sony, and largely offering their films and television shows. It was previously unavailable outside the US, but is now available in Canada as well. It's a mix of both old and new films, especially as far as horror goes, but it's number one offering for me, is the original "13 Ghosts". Video quality is excellent, and much like Netflix, it will remember what you've been watching and let you pick up where you left off. It also has a neat Google Chrome web app if you use that browser. It uses Flash only for video, which means if you're an iOS user, you're out of luck. It's a free service, but it is ad supported.


Unless you've been living under a rock lately, you've undoubtably heard that Netflix has landed in Canada. Netflix is of course the Big Daddy of streaming movies. For $7.99 a month, you get all you can stream (within of course your bandwidth limit). The quality is excellent, including streaming in HD (for some titles).  The big issue most folks have is of course the selection. While the selection of Horror films is amongst the largest on the service (and certainly the largest of the three here), it does tend toward older titles, with newer releases taking longer to arrive than at your local video store. For me the big selling point of Netflix is it's portability. I can start watching a movie on my TV, pause it, pick it tomorrow on my laptop, pause again, and then continue later on my iPod. Plus where else can I get Aliens, Resident Evil AND ThanksKilling all in one place...

So how about it OH readers? Any legal movie sites we've missed that you like? Let us know.


Thanks for the info on crackle! Never heard of it but i will be using it now:-)