Women in Horror Recognition Month.

Wow. I COMPLETELY did not realize that Feb is Women in Horror Recognition Month. Why does no one tell me these things? I mean just because I write a blog about Horror, doesn't mean I know everything!!!

OK, calm down Sonsey... the Month isn't over yet...

So without further rants or ado, a list of some great resources for Women in Horror Recognition Month

First the Women in Horror Recognition Month website. WIH month was started in 2010, and the site has a great FAQ on the subject, along with the latest news on WIH happenings.

Second, a great list of some female Horror Authors, at Horrorbooks.co. Some of these I've read, some I think I may have to...

Finally, in no particular order, my Ottawa Horror list of my favourite Women In Horror...

Jovanka Vuckovic - Previous editor of Rue Morgue magazine, Filmmaker, and general shit disturber. Some folks love her, some folks hate her... I don't hate her. Ottawa's own Zombie King has a great article with her here.

Heather King - A very cool artist. Check out her work and another Zombie King interview here.

Jamie Lee Curtis - Before she did light comedies, Jamie Lee Curtis was THE Scream Queen of the late 70's and early 80's, starting with a little indie film called "Halloween" - maybe you've heard of it? Sorry Scout Taylor-Compton, she was Laurie FIRST.

The Zombiequeen - Wife of Ottawa's own Zombieking. I can safely say that she's one of the coolest women in horror, even if no-one knows it yet! Check out her book reviews on the site.

Finally, two of our own- our very talented writers and admins - warringsoul (otherwise known as MA) and typicallydia, without whom this site would probably have crashed and burned years ago. Thanks Ladies! Be sure to check out typicallydia's blog for more excellent writing.

I promise next Feb. I'll try and be more on the ball on this.


typicallydia said…
Thank you sir! Enjoy all the scream-queens for the month too!