Women in Horror Month - a wrapup

Well February is over, and with it Women in Horror Month, but I've got a couple more goodies for you before we let it go...

First is Andrea Subisatti, every "hetro-sexual male horror fan's wet dream" (thank you Feedback)  - an intelligent, sexy, zombie-loving woman, who's written a very cool book titled: When There’s No More Room In Hell: The Sociology of the Living Dead.  This was actually her Master Thesis for her degree in Sociology while she was studying at Carleton University right here in Ottawa. See, you knew there had to be a connection, right? You can find a great interview with her at Rue Morgue, and you can buy the book at the link above.

Second, but certainly not least, I'm pleased to announce that our very own typicallydia, was recently awarded the Margaret Graham award by the Media Club of Ottawa. This award is given to a promising female journalism student from Algonquin, Carleton, and Ottawa U. You can check out the details on typicallydia's blog. Also, Lydia is getting ready to publish her first horror novel "Nightface" via Post Mortem Press. We'll keep you posted when it's available. Remember, you read her here FIRST folks!


typicallydia said…
Thank you , sir! Isn't Andrea Subisatti totally fascinating? Since she said she may wait x-number of years and republish I am awating a revamp~