Indie cult director Brett Kelly (My Dead Girlfriend, Prey for the Beast) is one of Canada's most prolific independent filmmakers. With a staggering 18 feature films to his credit and more on the projects on the way, Kelly shows no signs of slowing down.
The latest DVD offering from Brett Kelly Entertainment is the release of a 2 disc, 3 movie set of some of Kelly's earliest work titled NORTHERN FRIGHTS: THE EARLY FILMS OF BRETT KELLY. The set includes Kelly's first feature film, the lycanthrophic THE FERAL MAN (2002) as well as the slasher/mystery film FINAL CURTAIN (2004) and the boogeyman tale THE BONESETTER RETURNS (2005).
The DVD set also includes commentary tracks, behind the scenes footage, interviews and more. NORTHERN FRIGHTS was released May 1st and can be pre-ordered directly from the director's website: