It is that time of year again...

It is not Friday the 13th, that has past. Not halfway to Halloween anymore... this time of year is the most dreaded and horrific of all. I can hardly bring myself to type it.

Wedding Season.

Shrieks of terror! Moans of sheer agony! Maniacal laughter from bridesmaids and mothers-in-law resound! Yikes!

So, although it pains me greatly to do so, I will note two pretty cool horror themed wedding notes that came my way this morning. If you live in the area, no doubt you have shopped at Spirit, the Halloween store. Although dated, their blog has some great hints about organizing a horror themed wedding. If pop-up poly-haunts are your cup of kool-aid, then they would be your first stop. Yet, the blog post does delve into the more mature and beautiful, as weddings should be.
"Perfect for relaxed, gothic weddings held in the summer months, a small church wedding and cemetery picnic create a charming atmosphere. They’re also inexpensive without scrimping on class and ambience." - Read the full post at
If you want to forgo the Bride of Frankenstein cake-topper and bouquets of plastic bones for a classic day, think location. One adventurous couple chose one of my favorite buildings in the whole city, The Mayfair Theatre. Yes, today -- instead of posting notes on A Serbian Film -- I am reading a blog of a creative and wholly beautiful wedding ceremony that took place there. Also, if you want to commission a filmmaker to capture your wedding in F.W. Murnau style, First Kiss Films would be the right people to talk to.
"I love this venue so much that this is where my hubby and I decided to get married. Since we both are filmmakers and it was filmmaking that brought us together it felt like a natural location for us to say our vows."
So, yes; Bleck. Yuck. Weddings. Ew. That done, I leave you with a bride I actually enjoyed.