Ottawa Horror Presents Good Neighbours at the Mayfair

In two weeks, on July 22nd, Ottawa Horror is please to present the Ottawa Premiere of Good Neighbours at the Mayfair Theatre. From IMDB:

"... in 1995, the year of the second referendum on the separation of Quebec. In the dead of winter, a serial killer is on the loose in the small Montreal neighborhood of Notre Dame de Grace. The tenants of an old apartment house must figure out who they can trust and who they can't."

The movie stars Jay "My Hair is Scary enough" Baruchel and Scott "I don't want to be remembered just the guy in Underworld "Speedman, and is directed by Jacob Tierney. Check out the Trailer below.

The movie starts at 9:15pm, and stay tuned, because we're going to have the chance for some lucky readers to win tickets.