Cool People from Fan Expo -Long Live the New Flesh.

(Ed. Note: We'd like to thank both David Pace and Chris Alexander from Fangoria for permission to reprint both the except from Dave's blog and the photo.)

One of the best things about FanExpo for me was meeting some cool people - both folks I knew only online (Post Mortem Press, Fear in Words author Jason Darrick, and DreadfulTales founder Column McKnight amongst others) and folks I'd never met before who were found us at the booth.

One of those cool people was David Pace, who writes the "Long Live the New Flesh" blog for Fangoria. David was combing the floor for the indie scene and found us. We had an excellent discussion on all things indie, and of course Cronenberg -if you don't know where that reference comes from or why I'm posed like that in the photo, then run to Netflix right now and watch "Videodrome", I'll wait...

David has written an excellent article on his experiences at FanExpo, and on,, at "Long Live the New Flesh" on You can read an excerpt below, but do go read the whole article here. While your at it, check out the other awesome posts on his blog, and all the other blogs on the Fango site.

"...It wasn’t long before I found exactly what I was looking for in coming here. I wanted to see the indie side of this convention. The focus is always on the big celebrities and the big studios and their fancy booths, and I wanted to see what the indies were up to, what the Long Live the New Flesh people were doing here. That’s when I met the crew at the Ottawa Horror and Zombie Info booth: a ragtag bunch of basement filmmakers, writers, artists, entertainers and horror fans making their own scene and carving their own path in the world. The traffic at their booth was huge. So many people were interested in work by people just like them—work by people doing it for themselves and for the love of the craft."

"Long live the new flesh..."
Photo by D. Pace
Stay tuned to both Ottawa Horror and "Long Live the New Flesh" for more from our discussion and from FanExpo 2011.