The Philosophy of Zombies

Even Zombies must puzzle the larger questions
What is it with Zombies? Ignoring the whole politics issue (see below), they do seem to popping up everywhere, not just in the America's. Perhaps it's because in a post-Twilight world they're the only movie monster that hasn't been romanticized into mass acceptance, or maybe it speaks to something a little deeper. Well at ABC (the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, not the US network) they've gone and tackled some of these questions.

On "Philosophers Zone" on ABC Radio yesterday's program was "Zombies and Consciousness". You can download or stream the program by clicking on the link. And be sure to scroll down for a whole rash of Philosophical Zombie links - including an episode of my personal favourite show -"All In The Mind". The Zombies themselves might be mindless, but these folks sure aren't!

And of course, we've got lots more Zombies coming up right here on your favourite site.