The Politics of Horror.

As anyone who's heard me talk knows, I find politics infuses everything in this great city of ours - just part of being the Nation's Capital and the seat of Government. But horror isn't about politics is it? Well according to what the following graph and article on via Mr Science Show has to say, maybe it is...


Horror movies play off of the social anxieties of the times. And who makes us anxious the most? The highest political leader in the land, of course....
Now I don't know how folks actually get the money to do research like this - I'd certainly take a grant or two to figure this stuff out - but it's pretty interesting reading. Now I'd be curious to see how this relates to box office receipts in Canada.

(Ed. Note- This reminds me of a study I once saw that showed that more Horror Movies were made during and just after times of war versus times of peace. If anyone has a link to that study, please send it to me.)