Classic horror and more at the Internet Archive

As a companion to the link we have in a previous post about finding the reams of horror available on YouTube, here is another. The bonus is that there are many more films, many more classics and many more... um... oddities.

From a fan-film called Freddy's Return: A Nightmare Reborn, to The Vampire Bat - there are wonderful cornerstones of horror like Night of the Living Dead, and shit I have never heard of like I Eat Your Skin and Invasion of the Bee Girls. Between Silent Night, Bloody Night and Teenagers from Outer Space, you will find what you like.

So for your horror themed "Dogs that shoot Bee Girls from their Mouths" Halloween party, or if you just plan on stuffing your face with cheese doodles all night, there will bee something on there to watch. Very sweet if Netflix goes down with the added bonus that most are public domain - meaning you can hold screenings and movie nights.