Halloween Madness!

Happy Halloween, or Samhain, or All Hallow's Eve - whatever your preference!

We LOVE this time of year here at OH, obviously. Although for most of us, it's pretty much an all-year round thing we just have more to cover at this time of year.

This year, Ottawa Horror and Zombieinfo were happy to co-host a number of events. The first of which was Friday night with Zombiefest (see below for some great photos). Saturday night brought us a corpseload of activities. First off was the annual Carleton Place BIA "Maskeraide" - a Halloween Parade to benefit the Food Bank. The ZombieKing and I were part of it, and you can see some great pics below courtesy of the ZombieQueen.

Front of the Parade Car
Back of the Parade Car

Very cool car!
Hey there, Little Red Riding Hood...

Then it was down the street to the Carnival Diablo Chamber of Horrors. Of course the good Dr. Rigor Motto, has asked us not to reveal the dark secrets of the Chamber, but the ZombieKing and Queen managed to sneak a few photos out.

Finally, the madmen of Patron Saint of Plagues took the stage here in Ottawa as well. Look for upcoming photos of that shortly.

Trick or Treat!