Scary Movies at the Mayfair

What's October without scary movies? Not much fun, that's what! So the good folks at the Mayfair theatre, have taken it upon themselves to make sure that you have loads of fun this Halloween season.

First up tonight at 11:55 is "Critters"-  a classic 80's B movie.

Then on Sunday, at 3:15 they have arguably Tobe Hoopers last good movie "Poltergeist". It repeats again on Monday the 17th at 9:00pm.

Saturday, October 22nd, brings us "Young Frankenstein" at 2:30, "Attack the Block" at 9:30 and of course the Killer63 Film Festival at 11:30PM - a great way to end your ZombieWalk Day.

Next, Kubrik's masterpiece (and one of my all time favourites) "The Shining" is showing on Tuesday October 25th, at 9PM.

Last but not least, the ever popular "Rocky Horror Picture Show" takes over the Mayfair from the 28th to 31st.

So go see some Movies!