Now is the Winter....

Dead Snow
Well, the snow has finally fallen here... and although the last batch has melted, it will return. As we turn the corner of November into the long winter, what better time to hole up with some great movies. And so,  I present an excellent list of Winter Horror Movies as collected by the good folks at AMC here.  The top 10 are:

10. The Abominable Snowman of the Himalayas
A yeti-hunting expedition runs afoul of bitter cold and clever creatures.
(I've never seen this myself, but it is a Hammer film, so now I'm interested.)

9. The Curse of the Cat People
A little girl, her imaginary playmate, and a freezing night equals every parent's nightmare. 
(Sequel to the Classic Horror film... another one I need to see...)

8. Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning
Two sisters encounter werewolves in the nineteenth-century Canadian wilderness.
(Probably the worst of the Franchise, but still, I'm a sucker for Werewolves... and Katherine Isabelle.)

7. Wind Chill
A car breaks down in the middle of a frigid nowhere, and there's an evil ghost on the prowl.

6. Ravenous
Cannibalism and Native American folklore spell terror in the nineteenth-century West.

5. Dead Snow
Zombified Nazis attack vacationing students at a deserted Norwegian ski resort.
(Zombie Hitler...'nuff said!)

4. Let the Right One In
The dark Swedish winter adds extra chill to this vampire tale.
(If you've seen the American "Let Me In" do yourself a favour and check out the original)

3. 30 Days of Night
Vampires invade a remote Alaskan town under cover of midwinter dark.
(Best Vampire Movie in recent history... no sparkling, just lots of blood)

2. The Thing
Shape-shifting alien inside, sub-zero winter outside. Which is worse?
(Carpenter at his finest.)

1. The Shining
The Overlook Hotel is seriously haunted, and once the snow starts, there's no way out.
(Heeere's Johnny! Creepy hotel, creepy kids, Jack at his most Jackest...)

One recent one to check out (probably too new for this list) is the excellent Norwegian film "Troll Hunter", which was recently at the Mayfair and is available on DVD.

This list doesn't seem to include any Christmas Specific films, such as Bob Clark's classic "Black Christmas", "Silent Night, Deadly Night" or even "Rare Exports", but that's really another whole category.

How about it folks? Any favourite winter horror movies we've missed?


typicallydia said…
Wrong Turn 4 takes place in the snow :)