Pleading immunity never works - Patron Saint of Plagues

Opi, Bones, and Deadboy - Oh hell yes. There has been a bit of news vomited up from the spreaders of horror punk infection, Patron Saint of Plagues.

Monson Guitars now endorses Opi Saint with his sick-as-surgery Monson Sniper. They make a lot of really wicked looking guitars, and though I want to think I would want the Impaler or Nightstalker, the Sniper and Witch models have a more classic design. If you need to slay with a real showpiece though, check them out.

More news from PSOP, for those in the know, came straight from the dead horses mouth . Check the video at the end for that, but now the breaking info.

Patron Saint of Plagues could be considered by Spectra Records just by us listening to their songs.

Easy as that. There is debate as to weather this is hellballz or amazeballz. You decide.

These are some of my favorites too. Alone is another not listed, but they have the original version of Slipping Away which you may recall from the Nightface book trailer, and Scarewolf which was the first one I heard on Rue Morgue Radio. so check them out. I suggest opening one, let it play through, then close that window or tab and choose another, unless you want to listen to all the other non-horror artists on earbits.

So, as they are recording the next EP, I am sure there will be more goodies slipping through the killing floor sluice grates. In the meantime, spread those links around so Spectra Records can catch a little infection too! 


Sonsey said…
I still say hellsballz is better! Either way folks check this stuff out and help these guys take it to the next level!