Road Trip: Black X-mas Art Show

Although this did not take place in Ottawa, this wonderful wreath is certainly worth sharing. Martha Stewart, eat your heart out.

During my holiday chill-fest in North Bay, I caught the opening night of 187 Gallery's Black X-mas show. Many area tattoo artists were featured alongside other well known names, and a few I did not recognize. There is always one that catches my eye, however, and this time around it was Polly Hatter's handiwork. Come to think of it... it was Polly's handiwork last time too! There musta been something in the water where we grew up. Something... wicked...

The busted, burnt and melted globe ornaments were my favorite touch, let alone the detail of the vile dollface. Love. Pure love for this one. After all the holiday bills are settled, if this is still on their wall I may claim it for my door.