Say his name three times...

While waiting for the next Patron Saint of Plagues main dish, Opi is certainly generous with the appetizers. Personally, I have been waiting on this one for a while, and maybe even harassing. From the moment that the film Beetlejuice was announced and there was a Lydia character, I was excited and that excitement never died. Kinda like this guy I know... he just never died... and that excitement carried over to this and the announcement of the future second Beetlejuice film.

For those that missed it, the Mayfair had two screenings of the original that I did get to see. There was something mesmerizing about seeing it in theatre again. The stock has aged slightly of course. The colours are muted yet far more crisp, adding a sense of greater reality to the whirlwind technicolour carnival some scenes convey. Dust, scratches, and cigarette burns are things the DVD just can't do for you. In the case of a movie I have seen 167 times it had me spellbound as if seeing it for the first time.

So, yeah, I have a wonderful artist profile on the slab at the moment. All these fun distractions are dragging out the dissection and I must to get to her before she rots! Cuz as any journalist knows, a good interview is a lot like an autopsy: You gotta start with a big Y.