The Great OH DVD Giveaway Filmstravaganza!!

Kevin Preece

As recently mentioned on Long Live the New Flesh, The Ottawa Horror DVD is packed with all kinds of independent filmmaker awesome. If you have not already, check out Dave Pace's review of Roommates by Kevin Preece.

We are currently looking for your submissions of video horror for Volume #2. So if you are interested in being featured, drop us a line. Now, the good stuff... in case you missed it...

We are giving away 2 free DVDs! 

Names will be drawn Friday April 13th

No skill testing question! We will not demand your soul!
Open to Canadian, US and Neitherworld residents only.  
Enter by sending an email to:

Send us a joke, your favorite number, the recipe for vegan long pig... or nothing at all. In return you may get lucky. Now, if you have read this far down and are paying attention, know that you can enter once per day.  Extra chances to win because you like to read. Good job! 

For those that like to read, enter contests, win stuff and click things; here is more information on all the short films contained on Volume #1. Most of these films are available on Vimeo, Youtube, and yet there are already far too many links on this page so feel free to creep these creeps! Let us know what you think in the comments and we will double each contest entry from your email address. Honest! We not only reward people that read, we dig writers too. As mentioned previously, if you hate fun things and want to purchase a copy, visit OH! The Shoppe.

Ottawa Horror - DVD - Volume 1

Roommates - by Kevin Preece 
Nightmare - by Adrian Langley
Revival - A Creepy Puppet Short - by Matt Ficner 
Hidden Darkness - by Ralph Gethings
Influence - by Jeremy Kennedy
Death Rally - by Martin Bruyere
Bloody Hero - A Creepy Puppet Short - by Matt Ficner 
Can I Come In? - Kevin Preece 
Doorstep Makeover - Ralph Gethings 
Dragons - Jeremy Kennedy 
Bloody Hero - A Creepy Puppet Short - by Matt Ficner 
Slasher Film - by Adrian Langley



Jill said…
My recipe for vegan long pig is a closely guarded family secret!
Anonymous said…
Everyone should read, "How to Survive a Horror Movie" by Seth Grahame-Smith!