Red, as in Red Riding Revamped

From my usually overwhelming google reader, this gem unearthed itself. Those in the know, know I love fairy tales. Those who pay attention know I am enchanted by the Brothers Grimm versions of folk tales. If you had not noticed, I have a particular fascination with Red Riding Hood.

RED from RED on Vimeo.

Like any kid, I was told bedtime stories (oddly, I still tell them to grown ups) and my dad's default was Grimms. He would usually tell the sanitized 20th century versions, but sometimes... on dark and stormy nights... he would dabble in the originals. They are terrifying tales, truth be told. Sometimes he would take the middle path and make up his own. You can really stretch Hansel und Gretel a million directions and get a different ending that still fits if you try.

These filmmakers have stretched Red in another direction, yet simplified the story. It is brutal and I adore it. For some reason I think I had this recommended to me by Sonsey when the RRH remake hit last year. Uncertain. Either way, there is more on this short from Dark Beauty Magazine ~ certainly check the other films and artwork from maker Jorge Jaramillo.