Desperately seeking spooky - Ottawa ComicCon 2012

Just a quick update and a sneak-peek at some of the scares we dug up at the first Ottawa ComicCon. If you missed Carnival Diablo at the Zombieinfo and Ottawa Horror tables yesterday...

Nikolai Diablo and the Zombie King

Nikolai Diablo and Collosus

Oh! Ophilia!

Touring around (not as much as I had hoped) I managed to find my favorite psychopath, and one lovely lady...

and Oh! Elvira!

Mister Voorhees

Then I turned to the insanity magnet. Opi Saint and Deadboy left the Patron Saint of Plagues table for a bit... but then I got scared and had to hide from them. Super thank you to Brian Singleton, and his film Werewolf Fever for letting us play with his cadavers... bonus Pyramid Head!

Maybe it wasn't the werewolf?

Charming lads, both.
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