Not a review of The Cabin in the Woods

Yup. This is the not-review where we sit around and just talk you into going to see it in theatre.

First off, I must say that this film has one scene that I have been dying to see on-screen since I was 4 or 5 years old. I can't say what it is. Obviously. Following Matt Moore's lead, this is spoiler-free.

I hear a lot of buzz about The Cabin in the Woods. Those that loved it, loved it to itty bitty bloody bits. Those that disliked it hated it. Luckily, it seems about 90 per cent of the people whose opinion I trust adored it. Some have gone to see it up to 4 times in theatre. Is it really that good? Sure. Most horror is not that good to see that often but there are elements that make this highly re-watchable and the sort of thing you drag others to see.

Late to the game, I watched it Sunday in the company of one who is not a horror fan. When he decided he wanted to see it, he figured I (as a horror lover and Ottawa Horror ghoul) would be an excellent companion. He had seen few horror films, and has read some classics yet few horror novels. He dislikes violent scenes and gore for the most part but had a fine time watching this. It is a thinking-man's horror movie. While not as convoluted as Memento, it has it's mind-bending bits. While not as visceral as Saw, it definately delivers on the gore.

My favorite thing this film delivers is opportunity to discuss and suppose afterward.

From Matt Moore Writes:

"All-in-all, The Cabin in the Woods is a smart, funny and gory horror movie. Go see it in the theater. It has everything fans of horror movies could want. But, I will say it might disappoint hardcore horror fans. This is not Saw or Hostel. It isn’t looking to re-invent horror, but rather stick a finger in the eye of the same-ole “horror” movies with which true fans of the genre have become exhausted.

But, for fans of the genre who like to discuss and ponder rather than passively consume, it has several layers of disquieting questions it poses to the audience. Aside from Scream, The Cabin in the Woods evokes both in taking viewers on a trip that examines the form while obeying the form, and at no time taking the viewer out of the movie. In other words, this is not some boring art-house film. It kicks ass." read the entire article here

If you are really steadfast against going to the theatre, you are missing out in my honest opinion. Until we see this on DVD, fear not! We found something for you from my giant pile of favorite distractions! Cabin in the Weirds... for those that have seen it, a fun dissection takes place here.


warringsoul said…
I still disagree - I love the concept but thought the film fell flat and was not very inspired. I think it was rather unimaginative and extremely predictable, but that may have been the point. Still - I was bored. I think it could have been fantastic, but I was underwhelmed. Partly because of all the hype. I was disappointed. But to each their own :)