FanExpo and Festival of Fear - Day Three

Day Three! Insanity! According to the news, FanExpo broke attendance records again. Broken escalators, pass holders being held up, long lines ~ gotta love it. The way I see it, If you decide to go on the busiest day and sleep in at all - be prepared to wait. All in all, I heard no real complaints at the Ottawa Horror booth when I was there...

Saturday's featured artist - Heather King

I was holding out for Saturday in so many ways. For one, there was a nice after-party down the street. Second, and most important for me, was that Saturday is the best for photography. Though I missed a lot of cosplay - like the Death Note photo op - there were just not a lot of people dressed to horrify us. 

Outside I caught up with the winner of the Horror Masquerade who dressed as the witch from Left 4 Dead, she agreed there was not a hell of a lot of competition on the floor. I might have missed the very cool Jogsaw strolling around, but whenever I did find someone that had gone all-out, I felt like I won a prize!

A lot of the wounds were being provided at a booth around the corner from us. Around the opposite corner they were offering zombie make-up classes as well. The one above was one of the Anchor Bay zombie gals from A Little Bit Zombie. The prosthetic wound was also used on the set of The Crazies. Crazy! The one below shows a couple who had visited the Anchor Bay booth as well. This meant there was a bit of random gore strolling the aisles. 

Yay! Movie monster madness! Like a parade of my favorites, I found most of my pals. Jason Voorhees was slightly elusive, but my good friends Mike, Fred and Hannibal came by.

~ Tender moments of quiet contemplation ~

So. This was the day of utter exhaustion for me. Lack of food, barely any sleep and just way too much to do left me shaken AND stirred. Luckily, I did hit up one of the Saturday panels I had on my list. The panel was so entertaining that I did not even care to ask my question. Voltaire, Nancy Kilpatrick, and Liisa Ladouceur endarkened us with the "What Is Goth?" talk moderated by Tomb Dragomir. 

Liisa Ladouceur and Tomb Dragomir hangin out. 

One of the first costumes I encountered that day was this wonderful gentleman. Following the death of Jerry Nelson, the voice of Count Von Count, this fitting ensemble was a treat. He did have a pretty 'countish' voice too. Thank you, sir!

Jerry Nelson 1934 - 2012


Anonymous said…
Great pics!!! I'm one half of the couple who got make up done by Anchor Bay :) Our names are Amber and Aaron, glad we found the pics you took...they are awesome!
typicallydia said…
Glad you like it and glad you stopped by to find it! If you want a copy emailed to you, drop us a line at and we'll send one along.

You guys did look great :)
Anonymous said…
I love this photo of Tomb and I. So mischievous! -- Liisa
typicallydia said…
You both certainly do look it! I'll send it along someday soon with the few other, far more plain shots.