FanExpo and Festival of Fear - Day Two

Today is a great day for a photoblog. On our way out after packing up, hangouts and dinner. Oddly, tomorrow is actually the BEST day for a photoblog, so expect more~

Additional captions and stories to come...

Johnny Pints of Frightlight came by Friday! The winner of the Ottawa Horror music prize pack was Matt McKeag who stopped in with his brother later that afternoon to talk music and zombies with the ZombieQueen and I. Congratulations, Matt!

Pints and fan Ali checking out cosplay at FanExpo

Met a very cool artist a few aisles over. Adam is a writer and filmmaker who we will be talking more about here and at after we screen his films and I read the book he is signing. Rad guy, all around. 

Masks at neighbouring booths in the Festival of Fear

My gal pal at Screamworks, next door.

My pal Mike. 

Okay. Why hide it. I adore Pyramid Head. It's not all about shirtless boys though. Honest. Here is a Pyramid Femme, just to keep things interesting.

While there were not as many horror cosplay and outfits this year, those that came out went to hell and back, bringing all kinds of pain! Some great work from what I could see passing the Ottawa Horror booth.

Some amazing ink walks by (not to mention gets made around the corner - more on that later) but these two Voorhees tatts belong to our contest winner actually. Gotta love this stuff!