Snow White & the Huntsman - Contest

Ottawa Horror has three copies of Snow White & the Huntsman to give away, courtesy of Universal Studios Home Entertainment!

The discs are DVD, Blu-Ray and digital copy packages that contain the theatrical release and extended edition. If you are a huge fan of Grimm's fairly tales as I am, delight that there are three copies for us to give away. Now, before anyone groans over some of the reviews, Twilight links and public scandal related to this film, take heed:

I loved it.

Loved it.

For a girl that detests long films, overwrought scripting and feminist anything - I loved every single minute of  Snow White & the Huntsman. Some online reviews tear this film down needlessly, though Ebert awarded this 3.5 out of 4 stars, and many national newspapers entertainment writers gave it a glowing report. The length of even the extended version is fine, and the effects are very well done and fitting. The Dark Knights were fantastic yet so very human, and the costuming - even when one was made of ravens - was superb. Stewart and Theron slip perfectly into this world of dueling beauty and not since Éowyn, Sheildmaiden of Rohan have I encountered a fantasy woman that I can actually relate to even a little. Yes. Me. Relating to Kristen Stewart. I know. But hey, the world is a weird and wonderful place.

The photography, scenery, colour and detail is wondrously captured making a second sitting necessary. Now, keep in mind I am a fairy-tale fan. Normally, sword and sorcery fantasy is not my cup of mead unless it is really done well. This blend of a truly classic tale of betrayal and revenge combined with this vast cinematic vision seduced me - no drugged apples required.

So, how to win?!

Send us the title of your favorite fairy tale! Email, twitter, facebook - it's all good - leave a post in the comment section below or reach us however you like. While this contest is only open to those in the Ottawa area, you can supply answers from any fairy tale you adore. Just make sure we have a way to get back to you when you win.

Feel free to enter if you can supply a drop-off point in the Ottawa area as well.

~ Enter this weekend! Contest closes Monday, Sept 17th ~


RiteanDan said…
Hänsel And Gretel is the best & most horrific!
typicallydia said…
Certainly one of my favorite too! Entered :)
WTL said…
My grandmother used to tell me a variant of the Gingerbread Man, which I loved to hear as a kid. I don't quite remember how it went, but for some reason there was a slimy snake.
vilmark said…
Rumpelstiltskin is very good
fhabets said…
In the version of Red Riding Hood I read as a kid, the girl and the granny both get eaten by the wolf. The woodsman does kill the wolf afterwards, and that's how it ended.
So that's the fairy tale I liked the most as a kid. None of that wussy happy ending crap for me.