Killer63 Strikes Again!

It's Baaaaaaaaccck!

That's right Kiddies, the Seventh annual Killer63 Festival is back at the Mayfair this Sunday, October 28th, to bring you the best of local and international short horror films.

Josh Stafford, the Mayfair's "geek-in cheif" says this at this year's festival "...we'll have an Italian offering, some french stuff thanks to connection with the Montreal Comic Con, music video's, a fake trailer, a scary clown, an excorsist, and stuff ranging from art house abstract to torture porn, and stuff from local filmmakers...all kinds a short horror-y goodness." I couldn't say it better myself!

The show starts at 9PM, so don't miss it! This is the stuff that nightmares are made on... (with apologies to Mr. Shakespeare)