Horror film screenings for ComicCon 2013

Looks like there are more creepers for your peepers than we thought at first glance! ComicCon is not necessarily known for a huge horror component. Note the exception of Horrorfest held during the Montreal ComicCon, but it's normally an anime and science fiction event. If you look closer, though, with the right set of vampire eyes...

The Last Will and Testament of Rosalind Leigh

From Rue Morgue publisher Rodrigo Gudino, comes this film-festival darling. Spirits linger on a property inherited by an antique collector, though it seems he is the proud owner of something far more dark than a haunted house. This screening is part of the Sinister Cinema tour and one of four awesome titles to be hitting theatres across Canada. This one storms the Coliseum at 9:30 p.m. on May 9 - that is the Thursday before ComiCon hits, so you can whet your appetite for creepyness and grease those rusty gears with fear. Starring Aaron Poole and Vanessa Redgrave, this Toronto-filmed atmospheric gem has won the praise of Clive Barker as a "whole new direction in which to take the narrative experience in filmmaking," which is just what we like to hear. For details, check Cineplex, and for more on this great indie-film expo which already brought us John Dies and the End and will offer American Mary and No One Lives, the Ottawa Citizen has it covered.

Blood for Irina

The following evening at the Mayfair Theatre, Blood for Irina from Fangoria editor Chris Alexander will be shown as part of it's theatrical debut tour. This picturesque vampire tale marks his first feature-length project and will no doubt please the actual vampires with a midnight screening. Alexander will be in attendance for a Q and A session after the film as well as introducing his story to viewers. Fans of Nadia (1994) will fall for the unflinching-eye style of this one. A spectacular end to your first evening at ComicCon as is part of the official programme. Check the Mayfair site to source the trailer and hear all about it on the Fangoria page too!

Highschool of the Dead

Hell! Yes! Zombie fans adored this short series when it came out and we are going to adore it all over again on the big(ger) screen. Showing at ComiCon Saturday at 10:30 p.m. in Meeting Room A, panties, gore and screams galore! This plays nicely with the ZombieInfo special guest Micheal Koske who will be with us all weekend long. Koske, walker among men, has appeared many times on The Walking Dead, and recently in the pilot episode of The Following.

So, yeah. There may be more, but this is what jump-scared out at me. Ottawa Horror hopes to make it to each event since every one of these is a bloody spooky gem!