Hail to the Deadites!

Our friend Steve Villeneuve of Montreal Horrorfest, has an Indiegogo campaign going to help fund his latest documentary project "Hail to The Deadites". From the Indiegogo page:

"...the first goal is to make a documentary about the fans with the fans. We are not here to try to be selected at the Cannes Film Festival or to get Hollywood's attention. We are not doing this hoping to become famous. We think the Deadites are a big and strong family and making this documentary will allow us to reach out to each other. As a fan, I want to know you and I want to meet you. I want to share my collection and to discover yours. This film is not just for collectors, it's for all the Evil Dead fans in general who make the Evil Dead trilogy the classics they are today."

They've got some names from the series onboard, including Tom Sullivan, Danny Hicks, Patricia Tallman and Timothy Quill. If you're an Evil Dead fan (and let's face it, if you're reading this blog, you probably are), then please, go to the site and support them! There are 35 days left in the campaign, so let's get this made!