ComicCon Day 1 - Round Up The Usual Suspects

Between Panels, non-functioning ATMs, and a new layout that made it hard for me to find the Artist Alley, Day 1 was a bit of an adventure. But in spite of it all, your intrepid reporter managed to round up some of our regulars at the show. We'll have interviews with these and others shortly. And thanks to all who came out to our panel "Horror in Ottawa" I was truly amazed and humbled by the response.

The lovely and talented Jen Franklin, Author
Kris from Mirror Comics
Michele from OnSceneFX... Zombie will emerge...
WTL and Haylma from "Scream All You Want"
The Talented (and Bearded) Mike Rooth..Artist
The line outside the Panel...
View from the stage, as folks file in...
The Panel... and 3/4 of the Monsters (photo courtesy of Jessica Silver and Scott McClelland)
More to come today... And don't forget to check out my new show with Carnival Diablo and Zombieinfo, The Opinionated Monsters!


Unknown said…
So stoked to discover you guys! Meaning all of you on the panel on day one of Comicon - I'm now following this blog and I've watched the 1st episode of The Opinionated Monsters and have checked out Carnival Diablo and Zombieinfo. I've longed to discover something like this in my home town and I'm spreading the word. (Actually made it into 2 of the pics above as one of the fans in line and in the session - muhahaha).