Ottawa Zombie Walk 2014

The Ottawa Zombie Walk has come and gone. After a few hiccups, a new route, new date, and well--new a lot of things, it was a pretty damn fantastic day!

So. This is maybe the fifth walk I have attended? Last year I was unable to take photos, so I tried to "make up" for it this year by focusing on the make-up and gore. If you would like a copy of your individual image, let us know and we can get in touch. Please message us on the Ottawa Horror facebook page ~ and that said, I will be adding a lot more images there soon. These are some of my favourites, so thank you all for showing up and posing for photos!

Thank you to all organizers and volunteers, the tireless, Audreys Costume Castle and Dancewear, and all involved that I have forgotten, for making the walk happen ~ not to mention the anonymous patron who ensured the fees were covered. This Needs to happen Every Year if not just for the horror lovers, for the Food Bank and the community to have some bloody fun with our city.

I've gotta say, the costuming and effects get better every year...

Congratulations Zombienana!

Hell O Nurse!

Day of the living dead

Make up skills volunteer

Be aware!

Scouting for... brains?

A fellow photographer

Silent Hill crew

The brown spots are good for you

Wranglers and the Zombie King

Horns, no halos

A murder of scarecrow zombies

Rot and roll!

Country fester'n

Blood spattered blonde 
Lovely livid ladies

The High Priestess of Goth

Pin-up putrefaction

Stabby stabs

I want to go where they came from~

Goin' to work!

Doctor and patient?

Outtake in the horde

I think she wants to play a game


ZWalk Organizers organizing

Robbie Graves of PSOP 
Opi Saint of PSOP