Take A Swim in the Monster Pool

The Monster Pool kicks off its fourth installment this year.

Since 2015, Ottawa Filmmakers Vincent Valentino, Randy Smith, and Andrew JD Robinson have brought together a variety of Ottawa and Area filmmakers to create The Monster Pool.

Co-Creator Valentino says:

The Monster Pool is a project that aims to bring the community together, with an anthology, a shorts film showcase, socials, workshops, screenings and more.  we want to empower people through filmmaking and bring communities together.

An anthology series, the stories usually have a common thread - a cursed object, the Seven deadly sins - the final product is shown every year that the Mayfair Theatre in October.

Starting last year, the Monster Pool also incorporates a Community Showcase, showing off short horror films from local talent that don't necessarily fit into the main anthology.

You can see all of the previous installments on their YouTube Channel, and be sure to check their Facebook Page for all the details of this year's installment.