Friday the 13th in Ottawa

“Doomed! You're all doomed!” was a good warning from Crazy Ralph, but we watched the movie anyway. Here is my review of the first movie night for Ottawa Horror.

How does one review a classic? Well I’ll try. The film is pretty solid. A lady goes crazy after loosing her son and starts killing camp counselors. There was a good variety in her slayings and the premise is believable. Unlike most horror movies, however improbable, this type of massacre is possible. This film was one of the first and has guided the horror industry for years. The thrill of Hitchcock and a body count rarely seen before Jason. Come the end of the film it even throws a twist at the audience. Is the sequence over? Is Jason alive? Well, with another 11 movies in the series we know the answer is yes, but I enjoyed jumping a foot out of my seat in the dark theatre from his attack. This film set a standard and provides an example of how mass murderers should attack. Suspense and brutal slayings are now an every-movie experience, but we should all pay homage to the beginnings of slasher movie mania. Thank you Mr. Miller and Mr. Cunningham!

As for the location, it’s like a mini movie theatre with a snack bar and the huge screen. However, it has much more comfortable couches to sit on and friendly people to sit with. Hopefully attendance will rise in the future so more can enjoy the night.

See you at the next Ottawa Horror movie night!

- Mary-Anne