The Horror Business

Last year, on my yearly stop at the Cinema One booth at Festival Of Fear, I picked up an interesting looking documentary called "Horror Business". For the better part of the year it sat unopened on my shelf. However, on a recent pass through my DVD's looking for something to watch, I saw it sitting there looking lonely and decided to give it a watch. I have to say... I'm sorry I left it there so long.

"Horror Business" is a documentary on lo/no budget horror filmmakers. What makes them tick, and why they chose this somewhat strange path. If you're a filmmaker, or just a fan who likes "behind the scenes" stuff, then this is for you. Director Christopher P. Garetano talks with a number of horror filmmakers from across North America, probing their motivations, their problems and their successes. A nice inclusion is Ottawa Filmmaker Brian Singleton.

You can pick it up at Amazon here.