"By the pricking of my thumbs...."

...something wicked this way comes! OK, I'm not a big fan of stoking the rumour mill, but THIS is too good to just let go. An anonymous source has told me two interesting things... First, the Mayfair is planning a "Night of The Living Dead" -Live, show coming up in March - The movie plays along with live actors, live music and live sound fx performed, well.... live... or undead if you prefer... That in itself is cool enough, but... my little birdie informs me that George himself... that's right Mr. Romero IN THE FLESH, may in fact be paying a visit to town to attend! File this under completely unconfirmed, but I have to say I trust my source on it. I'll post more details as I find them out!


Angie said…
WOW!! I've never done the whole "dressing up as a zombie" thing, but this might inspire me. I know people get totally into it!