A little Sunshine... and a great post...

So the lovely Angie and Chantal over at Cinema Obsessed (They ARE on your RSS list right? Don't make me come over there....) have given US here at Ottawa Horror a Sunshine Award! The award was given to them by Olive Me, and they in turn passed it on!  Nice to know we put a smile on peoples faces - even if it's with scary stuff!

Also if you HAVEN'T been to the site recently (an oversight I'm sure... don't make me turn this blog around!) then you might have missed the great post from them on "Movies We Were Too Young To See". Aside from making your's truly feel a little old (I had graduated High School when most of these came out...) it's funny, a great read, and a reminder of some of the great horror classics from the late 80's early 90's.

Now in my turn, it's time to pass on the award...  Stay tuned for a list of blogs that bring a little "sunshine" to the blackened hearts here at Ottawa Horror!


Angie said…
heheh thanks for the kind words! "Don't make me turn this blog around..." LMAO!!!