Devil: the review a little late, the movie a little lame …

So this is a review of the movie Devil. Being an M. Night Shyamalan movie you expect a twist, but this movie had none. From watching the trailers you know that the movie is about people trapped in an elevator and one of them is a devil. The movie is a ‘ten little indians’ remix with one character dying at a time until only one is left and you have to figure out who the devil is.

It’s a fun movie if all you are looking for is a straightforward, semi-suspenseful date flick, but it’s definitely not deep and meaningful. The moral is that you should be held responsible for what you do and that God/the Devil will get back at you if you don’t fess up. I didn’t really appreciate the fact that it was so in your face about the devil being real. If the movie had left the question of what the creature was it would have been a much more interesting ride than “God and the Devil exist and the devil wants your soul”. It seemed more like a lecture from my ultra-conservative parents rather than a horror movie. That being said, I didn’t hate the movie. I was actually disappointed that there was no twist.