Thrill the World, yes. Zombie Walk, not yet

Thrill the World Ottawa headquarters will be releasing their upcoming Thriller workshop schedule on their website soon. There will be two zombie-infested, Jackson-inspired, Thriller dances, with the larger and more public event happening at 7:00 p.m on Sat. Oct. 23, 2010. Check the world headquarters too, as information may change.

Last year, the event was successful, and the accompanying zombie walk from the Beechwood Cemetery drew fascinated onlookers. Although the two events shared some participants, they were coordinated by separate groups.

At this time, no official walk is running outside of the massive Thiller event. With a little luck, fake blood and a whole lot of planning, we will see the undead hoarde march again.

In previous years, some storefronts in the Byward Market were reportedly defaced. Though 2009 zombies learned to keep their hands to themselves, it does show that sometimes the only thing on a zombie walkers brain is... more brains.

Walks and mobs do require permits from the city, and from what we have been told, no permit was obtained last year. We will be posting more as updates roll in, and if you have walk news, let us know.

Learn the moves and get coordinated in the upcoming Thrill the World Ottawa workshops, and if you wish to volunteer, feel free to drop them a line!