Zombie Walk 2010

What a zombie-full day! As early as 7:00 a.m. the city was rife with walking dead. Thrill the World was at 7 in the morning and evening and will be on CTV.

The annual walk began a touch early, leaving some straggling late. They all caught up at Parliament Hill where officials stood by enjoying the show.

The event organization was certainly on the ball with proper permits and the ability to tour through the Rideau Centre. Wonderful! Just where the recently deceased have always want to be!

Speaking with some bystanders, I found that the city was far better prepared than last year.

Carmen, a resident who lives near Beechwood, saw the brood shuffle past two years ago. She is not necessarily a fan, but came out to see what all the groaning was about. The moment she asked if there were "really that many horror fans in Ottawa", a young man screamed past. Bloodied, frenzied on fun, and chasing no one - he wielded an oversize cartoon meat cleaver sticky with red gore.

"Yes," I said with a smile, "there certainly are."

Thank you to all who posed for Ottawa Horror! More to come soon regarding Thrill the World Ottawa.