OK, OK... this is usually my buddy the ZombieKing's territory, but I think he'll forgive me for these.

First off, this wonderful poster by Bodily from the Zombie Research Society.

The What you say? The Zombie Research Society, that's what - find out the science behind the inevitable Zombie Apocalypse. Definitely worth adding to your RSS/Facebook/etc.

A more importantly, since we've been going "literary" around here, I thought we'd plug the very cool "The Undead that Saved Christmas". This book is an anthology of Christmas themed Zombie stories, which is cool enough (I love the whole Christmas/Horror thing), but to make it even cooler, proceeds from the sale helping out Foster Kids.

Now I can hear the litany already - "Sonsey, WHY is this Ottawa Horror News?". Good question. The answer is simple. Ottawa's very own ZombieKing is one of the authors! So go buy it ok? It's a good cause, AND you can read the ZombieKing - Win/Win!