New this week...

Coming up this week on Blu-Ray is "Sharktopus". The title and the fact that it's "Roger Corman Presents", pretty much says it all...  A giant hybrid of Shark and Octopus breaks free from it's Government Lab, and mayhem follows. Looks like good/bad creature feature fun. Starring Eric Roberts, need I say more?

New this week on the 'ol Netflix are "Underworld", a tale of Vampires and Werewolves at war (would a movie were they're friends even work?), starring the ever lovely Kate Beckinsale.

And, speaking of bad creature features, "Anaconda", the giant snake movie starring J-Lo and Ice Cube is also released for streaming this week.

Finally, "Shadow" - the story of an Iraq war veteran on a European journey, who encounters a "bloodthirsty psycho". Shades of "Hostel" there, but looks like it could be interesting.