Wow! Just wow! Out of all the movies in theatres right now this is the best.

In case you’re out of the loop the Scream series follows the tale of a (in the beginning) teenager played by Neve Campbell and her two co-stars a ruthless reporter played by Courtney Cox and a not completely inept deputy (now sheriff) played by David Arquette. They have now all grown up and are living quiet lives until the murders start and once again they are pulled into another killer’s twisted tale as they abide by the rules made by the horror film genre.

I do not find slasher films scary, so I did not find this movie scary, but I did find it hilarious. There are a few pop scares and great homages to classics as usual from this series. I especially enjoyed the opening (won’t give it away though). One of the killers was easy to figure out which is unusual for the Scream series, but it is still quite an adventure. This film has gotten gorier than the trilogy as expected with the change in times and the technology is more advanced. I’m sure ten years from now we will look back and groan about how dated everything is, but it will still be fun like it was to watch the first three in preparation for the new movie. This movie doesn’t suffer due to it being a sequel, it is a good movie and an enjoyable ride, however, it is good to have seen the other movies so that you know the characters and get all the jokes.

I give the movie a 9 out of 10. Enjoyable, fun, good kills, a few startles.

Go see this movie, it’s a scream!

PS. I can’t wait for Scream 5: Back to the Future and Scream 9 in Space!


great review! I loved it too!