Coming Soon... well not really...

Take a group of Local and International filmmakers, and give them this challenge - "Create a Trailer for a movie that doesn't, and never will exist". The results of that challenge were shown this past Friday, June 24th at the "Fake Trailers, Reel Festival" held at the Mayfair Theatre.

The Trailers ranged from Comedies, to Action Movies, from Grindhouse Exploitation films to, of course, Horror. Two excellent standouts were "Movie Title" - a wonderfully "meta" take on every Tom Cruise/Brad Pitt type drama trailer, and "The McNetwork" - a ridiculously well done riff on the "Social Network" with the tagline "You don't serve 99 billion burgers... without making a few enemies". And the girls of the Rideau Valley Roller Girls were featured in not one but two trailers ("Skate to the Box", and "Overkill") .

The Horror/Suspense realm probably had the most entries. Highlight included "Demonitron" and "Don't Go in the Basment", which gave us 60's camp psychedelia. "Jack the Gripper" gave us a great spoof on the slasher genre set on ... a set, while "The Lost Calls" gave us a well produced trailer for a "Blair Witch" style flick. And, because it's Ottawa, "Walking Dead Tales" waved the Zombie flag in all it's glory. 

No word yet on whether a compilation DVD will be released, but for those who did miss it, we've got a few entries you can watch.